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Chris Roe Management is proud to produce a number of projects with our clients, from films to podcasts, to special events. Browse a selection of our projects below or visit teatimeproductions.net to learn more about our production work.

The Chattering Hour

Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser & Nightbreed) spends an hour on this weekly show discussing all topics within the Horror/Thriller genre, with special guests. The Chattering Hour with Nicholas Vince is presented by Chris Roe Management & Tea Time Productions.

This Season’s Guests Include:

Charles Cyphers
David Howard Thornton

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Season 1 Guests:

Season 2 Guests:

Traci Lords
Daniel Kraus
Kathleen Kinmont
Malcolm McDowell
Nancy Loomis
Courtney Gains
Jonathan Breck
John Kassir

Amanda Wyss
Brad Greenquist
Daniel Roebuck
Lynne Griffin
Steven C. Miller
Chris Sarandon
Chris Roe

Lin Shaye
Darren Lynn Bousman
Tom Holland
Dee Wallace
Bruce Davison
G Tom Mac
Suzanne Romero

Barbie Wilde
Barbara Crampton
John Harrison
Monte Markham
PJ Soles
Chris Roe

Season 3 Guests:

Season 4 Guests:

Bill Mosley
Julian Sands
Eileen Dietz
Tamara Glynn
John Franklin
Lawrence Kao

Lew Temple
Paul Taylor
Fritz Kiersch
Naomi Grossman
Chris Roe

Tom Savini
Ryan Lambert
Alice Krige
Caroline Munro

John Philbin
Kevin Lewis
Stan Shaw